A little history

Norwegian Rose AS has has it's rooths in Den Ankerske Marmorforretning
established 1885. The company evolved to be a leading producer of natural stone 
and had quarries all over Norway. I communities like Fauske, Ballangen,  Lier and 
Porsgrunn, stone quarrying became an important industry. Processing plants were
built in Fauske, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Several well known buildings both in Norway and other countries have stone
from Norwegian Rose A/S, among them the headquarters of ISS at Holte near Copenhagen,
Oslo City Hall,
Oslo Courthouse and Oslo International Airport

In September 2000, Lundhs Labrador DA in Larvik bought the quarry in Fauske and 
the name was changed to Norwegian Rose AS.
In april 2013 the company Norblock AS bought Norwegian Rose Click
if you want to know more

You will find Norwegian Rose at this locations.